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Volunteer Application

If you are interested in volunteering in our schools, please complete the Kershaw County School District application and return it to your school. Volunteers only need to complete one application every two years but can serve in multiple schools if approved.   If you have any questions, please talk with your school principal or call Coordinator for Evaluator Services Dr. Lisa Shannon at 432-8416.

Contact for Questions?

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Do you have questions about the volunteer checks or need to check on the status of your application? Call Lucinda Howell in Human Resources at (803) 432-8416, ext. 1217 or email her at

Click to Apply as a Level 1 Volunteer

Level 1 Application

For in-school activities only.

Level 1 volunteers are persons who will be under the supervision of a KCSD employee. Level 1 volunteers are screened through the National Sex Offenders Registry (a free service).  Please note: Anyone with a concealed weapons carry permit, an active duty military ID, or law enforcement ID can apply as a Level 2 volunteer using this application.
Click to Apply as a Level 2 Volunteer

Level 2 Application

Chaperoning, field trips, and all out-of-school activities.

Level 2 volunteers are persons who will possibly be unsupervised while with KCSD students. Level 2 volunteers undergo a more comprehensive background check. Volunteers who wish to be approved for Level 2 status should apply at the link above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the district implementing new volunteer procedures?

The Kershaw County School District is committed to providing safe school environments. As part of that process, all persons who interact with students are required to undergo a review process. In order to provide additional information about persons who have possible contact with students while not being supervised by an employee, the district has developed two levels for volunteer service.

What does Level 1 mean? Level 2?

Level 1 volunteers are those persons who interact with students under the supervision of a KCSD employee. Examples include guest speakers, field day volunteers, classroom helpers or School Improvement Council/PTO members. Level 2 volunteers are those persons who have possible unsupervised interaction with students such as field trip chaperones, tutors or mentors.

Where do I get an application and where do I return it?

The Volunteer Application is available on the Kershaw County School District website at

How long does it take to find out if I am approved as a volunteer?

Please allow seven to ten days for processing.  Level 2 processing could take longer pending retrieval of documents.

How often do I need to reapply to maintain my status on the district-wide volunteer list?

Volunteer approval is good for two years. Persons need to complete a new volunteer application every two years in order to stay on the districtwide approved volunteer list, regardless of whether they are a Level 1 or Level 2 volunteer.

Can I use a recent SLED check instead of having to pay $16.95 for the BIB secure background check?

No.  We are only able to accept the BIB secure background check.

I heard a rumor that I need a background check to eat lunch with my child. Is that true?

Do I need a BIB secure check to drop off cupcakes in my child’s class? Be on the PTO? No, a BIB secure check is only required for possible unsupervised interaction with students and would not be applicable in any of these instances.

If I am a current KCSD employee, do I need to complete a volunteer application?

No, current employees do not need to complete the  BIB secure background check, but they must complete the Level 1 Volunteer Form, select Level 2, and write on the top that they are KCSD employees. SLED checks were completed when hired and required by Board policy to report an arrest or charge related to a criminal offense to the District within five calendar days of the incident.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

For additional questions, please contact Lucinda Howell at (803) 432-8416 or email