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Uniform Grading Policy

Uniform Grading Policy

   90 - 100    A

   80 - 89      B

   70 - 79      C

   60 - 69      D

   Under 60   F

Kershaw County has implemented a uniform grading policy for all elementary schools.  In accordance to this policy, the following should be a minimum number of grades per subject:

ELA - 9 grades: 3 major grades, 6 minor grades

Math - 9 grades: 3 major, 6 minor

Science and Health – 6 grades: 2 major, 4 minor

Social Studies - 6 grades: 2 major, 4 minor

Major grades will count as 60% of the final grade, while minor grades will count 40%.

Homework Grades

Each child will receive a homework grade in reading, math, and spelling, provided that his/her teacher assigns homework in these subjects.  This grade does not reflect the correctness of the answers, but rather that the work was completed and turned in. Every child will start the 9 weeks with a homework grade of 100 in each subject area that homework is given. This 100 changes only when the child does not turn in homework.  Each time the child does not have an assignment, the teacher will deduct points from the grade.  (E.g. if a child completes 18 out of 20 assignments for the 9 weeks, their homework grade would be 90%). At the end of the 9 weeks, the homework grade will be averaged with the other minor grades in that subject.