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Please check out the videos we have posted on our YouTube page - (Car Rider Video) and (Walker Video), to familiarize yourselves with our car rider and walker procedures.

Students must have notes when transportation changes

Car Riders

Safety is first in the car rider area!  Please, no cell phones, texting, or anything else that would endanger our students, other drivers, or those on duty!!

Car riders may be dropped off between 7:00 and 7:25 AM.  Even though you may see staff members prior to this time, no child should ever be dropped off before 7:00 AM!!  Remember, our instructional day begins at 7:30,  and students are tardy unless they are in their classrooms at 7:30 AM. The time on our electronic marquee will be used as the official school time. We encourage parents to sync your clocks and watches so that everyone is on time to school.   In order for our line to move as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is extremely important that children are ready to get out of your car once you reach the unloading areas. Please pack bookbags, sign permission slips, write notes, etc. prior to leaving your house, 

Students are to be dropped off at school in the car rider circle. Please do NOT allow students to exit your vehicle on the highway.  You may use the parking lot as a drop-off area only if you are accompanying your child into the building to conduct business, such as meeting with a teacher or administrator, or leaving a note with office staff. If you drop-off your child across from the school he or she MUST cross with the crossing guard!!  It is vital that all parents follow procedures and use the car circle. Ask yourself this question, “If everyone else did as I am doing, would our children be safe?”

Once students are dropped off in the mornings, they will proceed through the  cafeteria doors.  Breakfast will be provided and eaten in the classrooms. 

Afternoon dismissal is 2:30-2:50 PM. As parents arrive, students are called by walkie-talkie to come and get in their cars. You will be required to use a school-issued tag with your child’s (children’s) name. We will issue up to three tags at no charge. Please display this on your visor until all children are loaded into your car.  Anyone not displaying this school-issued tag will be required to come to the front office and be verified as an authorized person on the pickup list. In either case, please be prepared to show a picture ID in case someone on duty does not recognize you. This procedure promotes safety and accountability.  Also, if you lose your tag(s), or require more than 3, the cost is $1 per tag. 

Due to the extended car rider area, cars will enter and remain in the designated lane for parents and visitors in the AM until 7:10 so that faculty and staff can use the left lane to get to work on time.  After 7:10,  you may use both lanes, but be sure to merge at the merge sign. Please check the time on our electronic marquee so that you will know the appropriate time to use both lanes.   In the PM, both lanes are to be used in order to get as many cars in our circle as possible.  Also, be kind and merge when indicated.  If someone is not following the procedures, please do not address it with that person in a derisive way, as our students are also watching and listening. Secure as much information about the vehicle and let your school administrators know.  

While it is important to arrive at school on time, it is also important that children are picked up on time.  You will be asked to come into the front office and sign out your children if they are picked up after 2:50. Please note that after your student is late being picked up three times, they will be sent to Be Great, our afterschool program, to be supervised.  A fee of $22.50 is incurred from Be Great each time a student is sent for late pickup; however, Be Great does allow a one time grace visit.

Bus Riders 

Bus riders will enter the building from our bus rider area where they proceed to their classrooms, where breakfast will be provided and eaten. 

Please remember that any student younger than 3rd grade must have an adult at the stop to receive him/her unless there is a sibling on the bus who is 3rd grade or higher.  In the event no one is present at the stop, the school will attempt to call the parent if it is prior to the office closing for the day.  All children  returning  to school will be placed in our afterschool program, Be Great Academy, an affiliate of the Boys and Girls Club.  This program is housed in our cafeteria.  You will access your child by way of the outside cafeteria door (the first door you come to in our car rider line). Your child may go to Be Great once at no cost, but any additional returns will result in a $22.50 fee per visit.



AM Walkers:  Students who cross with the crossing guard will  proceed to the outside cafeteria doors and enter the building there.  Breakfast will be provided and eaten in the classroom.

PM Walkers:  Anyone picking up a walker will be required to present a school-issued walker tag at the cafeteria door. These will be available for you to pick up prior to your child’s first day of school.  Each family will receive 3 complimentary tags.  Additional or replacement tags cost $1 each.  Anyone who does not have this tag and/or is not known by the staff member on duty will be required to come to the office and present ID before a child is released.  If a student is not picked up by 2:35 at the cafeteria door, he/she will be waiting for you in the front office.  

Transportation Changes

Please make sure that your child knows of a change in transportation before he/she comes to school each day by sending him/her with a note for the teacher.  (We do not accept a child’s word as the change in transportation.)  In the case of an emergency and a change must be made after school has begun, please either hand deliver the note to the office  or fax  the note to the school (803-408-3970). Be sure to include your child’s first and last name and teacher.  We respectfully ask that you please not rely on emails to change modes of transportation as these sometimes are not working, and teachers are only required to view emails three times daily - first thing in the AM, once during their planning, and prior to PM announcements. Phone messages are also discouraged as we are not always able to verify who you are over the phone.  These are safety concerns and we ask that you please help us by communicating using the procedures listed above.   Once we enter the dismissal phase at 2:00 PM, we cannot guarantee that any changes will be allowed.