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How to Be an Informed Parent!

How to Be an Informed Parent!

It is important that you know what is going on at Lugoff Elementary.  We do many things to keep our school community informed about our programs and events.

  1. Read “Notes and Quotes”!  Our school newsletter is published on the last day of every school week. In an effort to “go green”, only electronic copies will be sent home.  This copy will be emailed to the email address you provided us during registration.   A copy will also be placed on our school’s website and posted on our Facebook page.
  2. Read the marquee!  The school sign lists many important events and announcements.

  3. E-Mail us!  Use our first name.last name                                        

For example:

  1. Respond to surveys!  We often ask your opinion about things in “Notes and Quotes”.  We solicit your feedback so that we can constantly improve our programs.

  2. Visit our school website!  

  3. Call us! Your principals and teachers encourage you to share your comments, questions, and concerns with us!  You can also call one of our School Improvement Council members or members of our PTO Board.  

  4. Blackboard Connect!  We will be using this phone service to share important information.  Please be sure that we have your current phone numbers!

  5. Friday Folders!  These come home the last school day of the week and contain graded work, as well as other important information.

  6. Parent Portal! Parents are able to view their own student’s term grades (at the end of the nine weeks) and attendance records. For daily grade information, Canvas is the place to look!

  7. Canvas is a Learning Management System.  With a Learning Management System (LMS), students, parents, and teachers are able to communicate, view progress and grades, and give instruction from one platform or location.  Please refer to page 22 for a more detailed description about Canvas.

  8. Twitter and Facebook! Don’t forget to check out these social media sites for more up-to-date news about LES. :  and

  9.  House App-  The House App is a way to keep track of points for each House and instantly award points to a student on the spot. When points are earned, parents can opt to receive notifications of their child’s House Points progress, notifying them that a teacher or staff member has awarded points to their child with comments and positive feedback. Parents can celebrate their child’s achievements and feel more and more connected to the Houses.  See page 59 for more information about the House system.