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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

May I request a teacher for my child?

We are unable to take special requests for teachers.  If you have an issue with a certain teacher because of a past relationship or special circumstance, there is a form available to use during the month of April to share your concerns. (See page 27).  Please follow the directions carefully and adhere to the deadline. Students are not switched from one class to another except in extreme circumstances.

What are the best sources of information about what is happening at LES?

Read “Notes and Quotes,” our school’s weekly newsletter, your teacher’s weekly newsletter, or visit our Facebook and Twitter sites.  Also, keep your copy of this handbook handy and refer to it throughout the year.  You may also visit our website at

What are some opportunities for involvement for parents?

Our PTO is a very active group that coordinates special activities and events.  They also supply funds to purchase additional educational resources, technology, and sponsor special programs.  SIC is our School Improvement Council/Title 1 Update Committee.  They give the principals advice about school improvement issues.  They also oversee the expenditure of special state funds.  Of course, we always need volunteers to work with students and in our classrooms.

I have a concern and want to know what I should do to resolve it.

Parents are encouraged to set up a conference with the classroom teacher or the person with whom they have a concern first in order to address academic and/or behavioral concerns. Specific board, state and federal guidelines are followed in order to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected. If satisfaction is not achieved at this conference, please call the principal or assistant principal for another conference. The principal handles most instructional concerns while the assistant principal is in charge of school safety and discipline.

What if I have a concern that hasn’t been addressed by the teacher or principal to my satisfaction?

If you are not satisfied with the way a situation is handled, or if another issue arises, we ask that you please contact school personnel first.  If you are still not satisfied, please contact Mrs. Ginger Catoe, Director of Elementary Education, at 803-432 -8416.