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Contact Information

Contact Information

Address:  994 Ridgeway Rd. Lugoff, SC 29078

Phone:   (803) 438 – 8000                                                   

Fax:         (803) 408 - 3970


      For Example: or


Twitter Account:

Facebook Page:

***If you contact your child’s teacher, you should receive a response within 24 hours, not including weekends. If you do not, please contact the front office.  


District Contact Information

Kershaw County School District Office:  (803) 432-8416

Dr. J. Harrison Goodwin, Superintendent

Transportation Office (Buses): (803) 438-8017

William Darryl Grigsby, Lugoff Area Bus Supervisor

John W. Clinton, Lugoff Area Bus Supervisor Trainer

KCSD Food Services:  (803) 425-8906

Dr. Misha Lawyer, Nutrition and School Food Service Coordinator

KCSD Special Services: (803) 425-8925

Mr. Tarrence McGovern, Director of Special Services

Dr. Ashley Philp, Special Services Coordinator

*Please make sure that we have current contact information for you at all times.  This is especially true in the case of emergencies. If you do not have a personal phone, the number of a reliable friend, neighbor or family member is a necessity.  Please contact our attendance clerk, Aquila Harris, as soon as any of your info changes.