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Classroom Courtesies

Classroom Courtesies


We strive to make all children feel special at Lugoff Elementary.  Please follow these rules to help avoid hurt feelings. 

  • Please do not send party invitations to school to pass out unless you have included every child in the class.

  • Please do not send or bring balloons, flowers, or gifts to your child at school.  These will not be delivered to their classrooms and cannot be taken home by bus.

  • If it is your child’s birthday and you want to bring a special treat to the class, you must pre-arrange this with the teacher 2 days in advance to select a convenient time and make sure the treat does not cause a concern for our students with food allergies.

  • All snacks and treats that are sent to school must be individually wrapped and store bought.  No homemade items are allowed.  You may also purchase treats from our school’s cafeteria once the list becomes available. 

  • When sending Valentine’s cards, treats, etc., please include one for all children in the class.

  • Due to privacy issues, we cannot give out students’ addresses and phone numbers.

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