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Chaperones and Volunteers


Chaperones on all Lugoff Elementary field trips must agree to the following guidelines before their name is considered for an off campus trip.  Chaperones must be willing to:

  • Have a Volunteer Application (Level 2) completed and approved (which requires a $16.95 fee).

  • Supervise students in a small group during the trip.  Students are never to be left unattended. 

  • Follow school rules.  When on a field trip, our good character and behavior expectations are to be followed at all times.

  • Put students first.  Avoid personal distractions like talking with other adults or using a cell phone.

  • Limit cell phone use to emergency situations or contacting the teacher and other chaperones.

  • Ride the bus with the class.  You may not travel in your personal vehicles.

  • Call roll for your group, especially during transitions.

  • Make other arrangements for siblings. Siblings may not accompany us on field trips due to liability issues.

  • Be fair.  Please resist the temptation to buy extras or offer extra privileges for your small group.  If you would like to provide something for the entire class, please ask the teacher.

  • Be on time. Please follow the day’s schedule carefully.

  • Avoid the use of profanity and other language not appropriate for children.  This includes t-shirts with inappropriate messages.

  • Avoid the use of tobacco products and alcohol throughout the duration of the entire trip. 

  • Not post pictures of others’ children on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site without the permission of the parents. Some of our students are not allowed to have their pictures posted for security purposes.


If you are interested in chaperoning the field trip to _____________________, please return this portion to school no later than ________________.

_____Yes, I understand the expectations of a chaperone and agree to honor these guidelines.  Please consider me for a classroom field trip chaperone.

Student’s Name________________ Teacher _________________________

Parent/Chaperone _____________   Date ___________________________

Amount Paid_______    Date:___________ Level 2 Confirmed (Date) __________



BIB System FAQ - Volunteer Application Process

Cost to Individual: $16.95

Application Type: Electronic – accessible from school and district website 

Q:  Where can I access information on the procedure? 

A:  Visit our website:

Q:  Will paper applications still be accepted?

A:  Only for Level 1 Volunteers 

Q:  What if I  do not have a computer? 

A:  Parents may come to the district office for assistance.

Application Process: 

1. Parent Applies/Pays Online 

2. Processes application/payment and  conducts background check 

3. The District Office approves or disapproves the volunteer

4. BIB sends a letter & ID Card to the volunteer. (Approval must be renewed every two years.) 

Renewal Notice: BIB tracks, notifies the volunteer, updates the school/district, and processes the renewals.

Q: How much does this cost? What if volunteers do not have a credit or debit card? 

A: The BIB background check will cost $16.95. Visa/MasterCard prepaid cards can be used, even with a user fee of $4-$7 the total cost is less than the current $26 background check fee. 

The BIB completes the following checks: Address history trace, county court search (Multi-County), National Criminal Record Locator, Sex Offender Registry.

Q:  Is the change in background check ok? 

A:  The background checks used by BIB are national, rather than South Carolina only, and include an alias search in areas in which the individual has lived within the past 7 years. Public and private databases are reviewed. District staff will review the report on each individual prior to approving and the same strict standards will be maintained. Documentation: Stored by BIB and FSPO, BIB will mail ID cards to approved volunteers Approval/Denial Information 

Q:  What records will I have to keep? 

A:   None, the applications will be stored online and in the Federal and Special Programs Office.

FSPO/DO approves or denies; BIB sends decision letter, handles dispute process, and provides ID cards BIB can email parents with status updates automatically.

Level 1 Volunteer Application Form Link:  You will need this completed if you are assisting a faculty  or staff member.  You must remain with the teacher/staff member at all times.  

Level 2 Volunteer Link:  You will complete this form if you are chaperoning a field trip or helping with an event where you will not be in the direct presence of the faculty/staff member.