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What is Canvas LMS?

Canvas is a Learning Management System.  With a Learning Management System (LMS), students, parents, and teachers are able to communicate, view progress and grades, and give instruction from one platform or location.  In the past, we used Google Classroom across our district but we were limited in its capabilities.  Moving forward, we will be able to provide students and families with a more robust approach to learning, access to content using a variety of media, collaborative experiences, and students/families the ability to track student progress and grades using student pairing codes.  Canvas  provides easy access to their platform using apps for students and parents that are available on iOS and android devices as well.   Students will be able to access Canvas through Clever ( and ClassLink during the school year.  Students may also download the app to a personal device if they wish and use their KCSD Google credentials to login and access their content.  Parents/Guardians will receive a pairing code that will allow them to connect their account to each child who attends in the district.  Pairing codes may only be used once and will provide each parent or guardian with easy access to see what their student has completed and submitted in their course(s).  Parents/Guardians will have the ability to turn on and individualize their notifications based on their personal preferences as well.  With the addition of Canvas LMS, students, parents, and teachers will be able to work closely together to ensure each student success!  

Canvas Pairing Code Directions

  1. Have your student log in to their Canvas page

  1. At the top left click Account

  1. In the new box click Settings

  1. In the new screen on the right side, click Pair with Observer

  1. Enter the code in the parent app or computer account

*You only need one code and will have access to all of your children’s classes. If you have multiple parents joining you will need to generate separate codes by doing the steps above again. 


Canvas for Parents

Generating a Pairing Code & Creating your Account

Students must sign into their Canvas account by first logging into the district device and clicking on the Canvas tab (alternatively, students can go to and log in with their Google credentials) 

Click on “account” in the blue menu bar to the left. It will have either a picture or a blank silhouette as the icon. Then click “settings” in the menu that appears to the right of the blue menu. 

Click on “pair with observer” in the menu that appears to the far right of the screen. Copy the code that appears. 

*NOTE* This code can only be used 1x and expires after 7 days if not used. If you are pairing a second parent/guardian you will need to generate a new code by repeating steps 1-3 AFTER pairing the first parent/guardian. The code is case sensitive so it’s best to just copy and paste as you are creating your account (steps 4-5).

Visit and create your account OR login if you already have an account.

If you need to add multiple students, once you log in, click “account” and then “profile”. From the observing tab, you can add more pairing codes for all other students!

Canvas for Parents

Downloading the APP (available for IOS & Android)

Navigate to the app store on your device and search for the Canvas Parent App (it’s blue); download the app. 

Click “Find a school” and type “Kershaw” then select “Kershaw County School District (parent)// If you already have created an account & paired with a student, then you can log in.  // If you haven’t created an account yet, you will need the student pairing code. Please refer to page 1 of this document for how to generate a code.

Canvas for Parents

Manage your Notification Settings (computer log in)

Log into your Canvas account by going to and putting in your email and password (created and generated by you).  

Click on “account” in the left blue menu bar and then select “notifications” in the menu that appears to the right of the blue menu bar. 

If you have multiple children, you will want to turn on “show names” by clicking on the toggle bar. It will change from an “x” to a green check.

You have a lot of options for notifications. To change the settings for each one, click on the icon to personalize how you will receive notifications. 

Canvas for Parents

Manage your Notification Settings (App log in)

Log into your Canvas for Parents App and click on the 3 lines (hamburger) in the top left hand corner to open your menu. 

Click on “Manage Students” and then select the student’s name for alert settings specific to that student. 

Adjust and personalize the settings for that student by clicking on the options or toggle bar next to each alert option.