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Award Assemblies

Awards Assemblies

Awards Assemblies  will be held for Grades 1 through 5 at the end of the school year on May 22, 2024. Times will be announced at a later time.  These assemblies will recognize each of the four nine weeks.   A promotion ceremony will be held at the end of the year for 5th grade at Lugoff Elgin High School while K kindergarten hosts an end of the year program and ceremony at school.  Awards for the assembly will contain:

  • Honor Roll

All A Honor Roll - The student must receive all As, not an overall A average

A/B Honor Roll – The student must receive all As and Bs, or all Bs 

  • Pupils Achieving Winning Success (PAWS) – students improve at least one letter grade in at least two subjects with no Ds or Fs or drops in existing grades 

  • *Perfect Attendance 

  • Most Improved

  • Related Arts Awards

Additional awards may be added at the discretion of individual teams.  

*In order for a student to receive Perfect Attendance, he/she must be in school for at least 50% of the day.  Please note this!