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The Ron Clark Houses

House Crests

Lugoff Elementary utilizes the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) House system. This House system creates community among our students while encouraging student leadership and motivation to succeed in school. One of the key benefits of the RCA House system is that it promotes a sense of belonging among students. Each student is assigned to one of six Houses and has the opportunity to participate in House-specific events and activities throughout the year. This sense of belonging helps students feel more connected to their school and peers, which leads to greater engagement and motivation in their studies. Students can receive points for their House by showing positive character traits, taking care of our environment, as well as academic effort and achievement.  

Our Houses are:

Altruismo- House of Givers

Amistad- House of Friendship

Isibindi- House of Courage

Reveur- House of Dreamers

Nukumori- House of Kindness

Onraka- House of Unity